Masjid Ramadan, also known as Shacklewell Lane Mosque, is the UK’s first Turkish-owned mosque. It is managed by the UK Turkish Islamic Trust, a registered charity (Charity no. 275829).

Established in 1977, the charity initially aimed to serve the spiritual needs of the local Turkish Muslim community. Over the years, we have evolved to reflect the diversity of those who worship at the mosque and seek to use our services. Our multi-ethnic imams are the best reflection of this.

At Masjid Ramadan, we offer a range of educational and religious services, such as Islamic instruction and funerals, whilst also promoting community cohesion. We are proud of the way the mosque has become an important hub for faith-based and social activities and initiatives for the wider community. We believe this type of interaction is vital to promoting tolerance, understanding and inclusivity.

Alongside offering a place of worship for Muslims, we also promote charitable causes for the benefit of those most in need in our local area. This includes children, the elderly, and those with disabilities, as well as the homeless and others in need of relief from poverty. We regularly champion human rights, equality, religious and racial harmony, and diversity.

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